Thursday, 24 March 2011

New Burial 12"

Just about to go to bed last night, quick check of the emails. NEW BURIAL 12"! Needless to say I copped that bad boy straight away. Apparently Kode 9 has previewed it on the Benji B show last night. Dunno if I wanna listen to it or wait until it comes in the post then lock the doors, pull the curtains, turn the phone off then have a good listen. Anyone else heard it yet, what do you think?    

Get it:  HERE


  1. It's sick. More dancefloor oriented. Love the direction his new stuff is taking.

  2. What I heard on Benji B's show was dope!

  3. I listened to the first one Kode 9 played only. Waiting for it to arrive for the other side I've decided heh. Sounded really good, especially when it sort of got going. About half way through it just picked up big time. What else were we to expect though?